What We Offer At Souschef!

Souschef is a Ready to Eat (RTE) meal service that operates under the rigorous guidelines set out by the USDA. We produce healthy, nutritious and delicious meals, that you can take home and put in the microwave, oven or assemble yourself. If you are feeling the bug to assemble ingredients and cook in your kitchen, we have a solution for you!

Say Hello To Modern Meals!

Our Branded and Private Label Programs meet consumer demand for simplified meals. Our extensive catalog of meals are delicious, nutritious and require minimal effort and satisfy households of all sizes.

Ready to Cook

Our vibrant Ready-to-Cook meals can be made in the oven or stovetop in about 20 minutes with minimal effort and cleanup. Meals include top-grade meat and seafood products.

Ready to Heat

Our delicious Ready-to-Heat meals can be microwaved and ready in 2-3 minutes with no effort or cleanup required. Our Family Meal options in this category offer larger portions with the same ease as our single-serve meals and are ready in 6-7 minutes.

Meal kits

Our chef-tested meals have been planned and prepped so consumers can add their own flair in the kitchen. Meals can be easily brought to life using simple instructions and using a standard oven, stovetop or crockpot. 

Our value proposition:

Souchef saves you time. Our team of chefs and food professionals make it their mission to produce interesting, ethnically diverse healthy meals. Whether you are a busy professional or an individuals looking to stay on track from a fitness standpoint but don’t want to sacrifice flavor, souschef is your home solution. souschef is committed to staying on the bleeding edge of haute cuisine. While we offer a pretty delicious lasagna and tikka masala, you will always be able to pick up something for every taste in your household! Forget about grocery shopping and kitchen clean up, and start focusing on what is important to you and your family.

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