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We are your complete home meal solution. Whether you are a busy professional, have a family with varied food tastes or simply want to ensure you are being mindful of what you put in your body, souschef is the solution for you. All of our international meal options at souschef are carefully and thoughtfully designed by our Executive Chef, Mark Riggs. You can feel comfortable knowing that you are feeding your family healthy ingredients which will produce positive results. Stay focused on what’s important in life, not the dishes!

The Art Of Cooking


Why Our Meals!


Our team of chefs use their extensive and collective knowledge of diverse foods and food preparation to create a portfolio of meals that will add variety and value to your everyday busy life.


We are on the forefront of Ready to Eat (RTE) meal design with a broad range of ingredients and flavors for all appetites and tastes. We are hyper mindful that all of our meals excel in taste, quality and value at an affordable price.


We believe in continual product development. With a pulse on food trends, we keep our assortment fresh while maintaining core offerings we refer to as our comfort food line.

We have over 40 years of experience

#1 Food Security

Ensuring our food is safe is our #1 priority. Operating under USDA inspection ensures the most rigorous food safety protocols and standards are always followed and documented.

Chef Driven

We are motivated by the food and ingredients.


Food Items Available

1 Million+

Meals Served

1 Million+ Happy Clients

We listen to our customers and implement their ideas.

#1 Customer Service

We are our harshest critics. We are dedicated to improving every day and staying on the bleeding edge of Ready To Eat Meal Preparation!

We are dedicated to satisfy clients

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